Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sooky Babe!

This is my take on the Monday night Cook off at Scrapbooking Top50. Heres what you had to do:

From Scrappygurl (Vic). I love to cook. And nowadays don't do as much as I used to, but I love to gather up all my ingredients, mix everything together and enjoy the end results. Sometimes good and sometimes terribly wrong Smile

Let's Cook up a Layout!!
This will be a recipe challenge but with a twist!!

Below are a list of words. Each list has a secret ingredient that I will be posting on Monday evening (June 15).

You are to pick 5 words and when I post the secret ingredients you are to create a layout using those 5 secret ingredients. Let's see what we can cook up.

Below is the list, remember you have to post here the 5 ingredients you choose before Noon Monday!

Whole Wheat Flour
Sultanas and Nuts
Brown Sugar
Cream of Tartar
Chocolate Chips
White Sugar
Vanilla Essence
Rolled Oats
Vegetable Oil
Baking Soda


I have highlighted my picked ingredients in Orange.

Below is the corresponding list of ingredients:

Whole Wheat Flour - Use at least 5 buttons
Sultanas and Nuts - Use some bling
Brown Sugar - 1 word title
Cream of Tartar - Use a quote
Eggs - Ink your papers
Cocoanut - Use some fabric & ribbon
Chocolate Chips - Tear your paper
White Sugar - Use the colours brown & orange
Butter - Use at least 3 pieces of chipboard
Milk - Journal on your layout
Vanilla Essence - Use a two word title, the first letter of each word must be the initials of your name Smile
Rolled Oats - Use at least 3 different sizes of flowers
Vegetable Oil - Use paint
Baking Soda - Use at least 2 photos in your layout
Yeast - There are to be no phots on your layout
Salt - Use some stitching on your layout

Here is my entry:

Here is my take on the Monday Night Cook Off Challenge.

Here are my ingredients:
chocolate chips = Tear your paper (outside edges of pp)
PP = Baby Cakes "Dolly Varden"
Eggs = Ink your Papers (outside edges of pp)
Butter = Use atleast 3 pieces of chipboard (Owl, branch and long legged bird)
Vanilla Essence = Use a two word title, the first letter of each word must be the initials of your name (SB)
Sultanas and nuts = Use some bling (Flower and eye of bird)

and some close ups:



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