Monday, June 8, 2009

Lets all donate to Charity :)

Tracy from my2angels has a great idea on her website to help the charity bravehearts. The details are below:

In the promotions section on my website I have 4 different shaped kits you can purchased and for each one sold $4.00 will be going to Bravehearts the charity to help children who have been victims of sex abuse. You can find out more details of the charity here: bravehearts

Each kits consists of 5 pieces to make up your kit.

They have been cut into size and only need 1 sheet of paper to cover them. I used doubled sided pattern paper and used the alternate pattern to cover the sides.
Here is an example of the dress.

They aren't perfect, as I cut them myself by the jigsaw, but are not too bad, just may need a bit of sanding. I have started to paint the edges for you in white then though you may like another colour so there is only one coat on them. There is bits of paint on the raw timber side but this will be covered by your paper.

Also you also purchase other items at time of purchasing this kit 10% of your order will also be donated to Bravehearts
If possible please try not to pay by paypal as I am charged fees and would prefer any extra money to go the charity not to Paypal.

I will keep everyone updated with the tally of money raised here on my blog.

Thanks for your support everyone

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