Thursday, January 14, 2010

FS2S submission for January

For January you have to take your inspiration from the poster 'Alfie'

Added criteria:

1. Black and white layout
2. Using one strong color

*Movie Diva Demand* For an extra bonus two points .......
use three or more black and white photos on your layout
( This is optional, you dont have to do this but it does give you the extra bonus points!)

Here is my take:

Shazza Bishop - Cowgirl in Training

Okay, It's done and dusted!! I think I should have called this one 'Cowgirl in Pooh' !!
My Christmas mojo was not very good to me and left me thinking ...'what have I actually created here'!!! I do not get the bonus points as I only used one black and white photo :(
However, at least I went with the black and white layout and one strong color!!
Not my best ever layout, that's for sure lol

This challenge still has two weeks left, so if you are interested in giving this a go, you still have plenty of time :) You can find this challenge here.



  1. Wow Shazza! That is a great take to your challenge. The whole concept of your challenge blog is wonderful, I think. Very unique!

    Thanks for your comment over at!

  2. He Shazza, you are being way too hard on yourself, this layout is gorgeous, and what a cute little cowgirl you were. Mojo is such a crazy thing when you are as addicted to scrapping as we are. Comes with a passion and then goes into some kind of lull for periods, gotta love being a woman hey....