Monday, January 11, 2010

Tanya is 40!!

My friend Tanya (and Stampin' UP! up-line) is 40 on the 17th January, so a few of her closest girlfriends got together and did a few special things for her during the month leading up to her birthday. From the 1st January til the 17th we all did something special!!

I made her up a jar of scrapbooking bits and pieces and decorated it! I then organised with her husband whilst she was at work to go around and hide it in her house and then 'sms' her some clues so she could hunt around and find it, when she got home from work. I hid it in her dryer in the laundry...... she doesnt use the dryer much on these hot Melbourne days and infact I'm not sure if she uses the dryer much at all considering the state of the laundry!!........................... lol
(She's going to kill me now!!)

'Tanya's Bits and Pieces'


I also sent her a voucher in the mail, she should get it tomorrow or Wednesday:

IOU Voucher

#Ts2010-01-10 Date 11/01/2010

This voucher entitles the holder to one hour (maybe two) of my precious time.

To be used for the following only

*Washing the dog
* cleaning the chimney
* Dusting the balcony (applies to second storey apartments only)
* Shining the spa
* Vacuming the swimming pool
(hehehe......she doesn't have any of the above!!)
However.... can also be used for

* Baby sitting, tidying up, mending, sorting, ironing and general house duties

- cannot be exchanged for cash

- cannot be used in conjunction with other vouchers

- Must be redeemed within 7 days of date of

From super Sadie Shazza's Cleaning and ///maintenance Services

.................only kidding about the 7 days (make it 14 days!!....lmao)
(hehehe........she will be away in Queensland for her birthday and want be back in time to redeem!!)




  1. what a lovely thing for you to do for your friend...............and i absolutely love that page you did for my challenge in the previous post

  2. Great pressie idea! Hope Tanya has a fantastic Birthday!