Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm Feeling Sad Today.......

Today is the eleventh year anniversary of my Dads passing. I've felt quite down all morning, usually all the family get together and go to the 'Old England Hotel' in Heidelberg for a get together, as this was his old drinking place. My mum is not feeling up to going so we are leaving it this year.
I've got a photo of dad holding a beer, he's keeping me company today while I scrap and sew, that's him below 'Graeme'. He was a great Dad, a real prancster and always clowning around!!

Miss ya Dad!!


Not sure if any followers read in the papers about the horrific road accident in Mill Park where 5 young teenagers lost their lives (one young girl survived).... 6 in the car!!!

Well!! I work 1.5 kms from where the accident occurred further down along Plenty Road and had to go post the scene yesterday afternoon. There were about 4o teenagers in small groups and milling around, they have spray painted messages on the tree stumps and back fences that back onto the area..... it was very sad to see where it actually happened and flowers everywhere.....

I have mixed emotions, I feel so sorry for the families involved and also anger that this has happened.....as I said... I'm feeling sad today!!



  1. so sorry about your dad, ............ and its always a tragedy when you hear of teens losing their short lives in car crashes, boxing day 2003 my 15 yr old cousin was killed in a loaded car of teenagers, speed was a factor and a tonne of teenagers went to 2 funerals on the same day in the new year of 04, its so sad,

  2. Sorry you are feeling sad today Shazza, I hope you can remember him in a good way :)

  3. I too am sorry about your dad, just know he is with you in spirit today and watching over you, the accident you mention sounds just awful, a mother's worst nightmare for their children, that would make me so sad, but on the other hand makes me look at my little man and just smother him with love tonight. Thinking of you. Love Mel

  4. Sorry you are feeling down Shazza! Your dad will be watching over you!
    I feel so sorry for the family and friends of those teenagers too! How awful!

    Hope you soon feel a bit more perky!
    Take care,