Monday, January 11, 2010

Week # 11 - Erika Martin's Journaling 101 course

Week # 11 "Creative Story Telling Journaling"

Once Upon a time......

Challenge = Tell it like you've never told it before!

This is what the journaling says:

Long, long ago…. A romance bloomed between two teenagers. He was handsome and strong and liked riding motor bikes, she was sweet and beautiful and taught Sunday school. They met at a coffee shop and spent the day talking and getting to know each other.

Far, far away…. They ended up getting married

and moved to Rosanna. They had four children,

Sharon, Debbie, Craig and Lorel. They loved to

go on boating holidays where all the children

learnt how to water ski, they also spent a lot of

family time camping.

Happily Ever After…. They built a beautiful

two storey house, went on overseas holidays and

ran a family souvenir business together……. This

is the story of Melvie and Graeme [my parents]

Stampin UP! products used:
Stampin UP! Rub ons - Love birds
Green and brown strip across page are stickers from 'Sweet nothings Kit'
Light saffron colored strips across page are stickers from 'Love Sparkles' kit

Non Stampin' UP! product:
Once upon a time cardstock with glitter from 'OUAT' stack
Gold frame around photo - 'OUAT' photo mat stack
Bella! Fly aways - Butterflys lge
Bella! Petites - Butterflys small
Black pen


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  1. Stunning!!! Love it Shazza! You've done a fantastic job on Erica's course! Well done!