Thursday, January 14, 2010

My ARTastic submission for January!

We had to take the inspiration from Pro Harts - Foral # 2

Monthly Artist for January

Here is my take on the challenge.

I used Pro Harts use of blues and reds as part of my color scheme. A bouquet of orange and red flowers and a cute pic of Jenna (DD) when she was a kinder kid. I added two little Raggedy Anne's pics to match the curtains in the background.
- Cheers Shazza


  1. Oh I just love that layout, the golliwog girls are gorgeous and the flower trail up the side is too, just love it all.

  2. Hello Shazza! Love the colors! I also like how you put actual fake flowers in your layout...would have never thought of that. And I LOVEd Raggedy Ann and Andy when I was a kid!