Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blog of the Month - March

This months "Blog of the Month for March," is a lady I met online whilst on Erika Martin's "Soulology - online scrapbooking course" and also more recently "Journaling 101"

Without further addo............................

Krys Salvetta

Her Blog: Krys' World (it's not much, but it's all I've got!!!)

Now, this lady is amazing, her views are sometimes controversial and even outlandish, but what I love about her is they all come from her heart. Krys is not afraid to voice her opinion and I love that openness of her.

She is a very well read lady (and by well read, I mean this lady reads like a machine! Sometimes she has two or three books on the go at once). Some of the things she has described on her blog have given me a chuckle. Her description of driving a stick shift (manual clutch) for the first time. I love her ramblings about old neighbours and days gone by in general and even the little things about school, work and even her lake house.

During her Soulology course she produced some really outstanding pages, there were many pages worthy of a scrap lift......

Her blog goes right back to 2006, so if you have the time it's really worth the journey. She has also one a few awards for her blog (which are well deserved!)

Sometimes I wish Krys and Jack were our neighbours and close friends cause I know we would all get along famously.

Thanks Krys for sharing yourself on "Krys' World", I for one enjoyed the journey.



  1. Thanks, Shazza! What a nice surprise from down here in New Orleans! My boring life is fun to read about?!? Okay, if you say so...
    More when I return...

  2. My boring life is fun reading? If you say so!
    Thanks for the plug!
    More when I get back to my hotel room...