Thursday, March 5, 2009

Winner Here!

Hi! Everyone,

I won a challenge at the RSS site. Do you remember this layout "It's my Birthday and I'll Meow if I want to!

Well "Astro" won this challenge for me :)

February Themed Challenge - by Rachel Zelley - judged by Shell Barnard
I pick Shazza for the winner of the themed challenge.
Reason - I never met anyone who really actually had a cat party. Also the title cracked me up!!


February Themed Challenge - by Rachel Zelley

For this month's Themed Challenge I would like to see you all create a layout or OTP using the following criteria.

The Theme for February is
- Birthday -

You must also include
Stitching - Hand or Machine
Stamping and a
Clustered Corner


The winner of this challenge will receive a
$20 Rub-Ons Pack


Have a lovely day!


1 comment:

  1. Shazza,
    good to see that BIG lump won you a prize............... he's sooooo cute