Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hold em

This is my entry for the first challenge at "Roll 2 Create" Casino Royale challenges.

Here is the criteria for the first challenge:

Theme - Poker

  • Main colours are to be black or red (or both if you wish);
  • Use numbers or the card suits (hearts, diamond, clubs, spades) somewhere on your layout.

I have covered all the criteria for this challenge:

1. black and white photo
2. used card suits

The photo is of 'me' when I was about 4yrs old in a cowboy suit that I got for Xmas. I hand cut all the suit pieces, title and white playing cards from cards stock. Stamped the journalling and added the vintage hand holding the cards.

As this challenge was centred around 'Gambling' and Poker, I used Kenny Rodgers - The 'Gambler" song lyrics as my journalling.... 'You got to know when to hold em' ..........

This song is characterised as a metaphor for life, in that you need to know when to stand your ground (when to hold 'em) and when to retreat (when to fold 'em). The gambler has learned that the trick to life isn't the cards you've been delt, but how to play them (every hand being a "winner" or a"loser" depending on how they are played). The "ace" that Rodgers refers to in the end of the song is this advice.

Here are a few close ups!!!




  1. awesome take on this challenge shazza, love it and i love that song, im a fan of kenny rogers

  2. Love your take on the challenge Shazza.