Monday, September 21, 2009

I've been Framed!

This is my entry for Challenge # 2 for Casino Royale at Roll 2 Create.... I am loving these challenges!

Theme - Craps

  • Spotted paper
  • round embellishments and/or shapes
  • roll a dice & use the number that comes up for the number of embellishments and/or photos

I have covered all criteria:
1. spotted paper = Cloud 9 Design 'Razzberry Heaven' - Chocolate Calet
2. Round embellishment = hand made flower stacks in white
3. roll the dice for a number = '3'....... so three photos, three flower stacks and a three word title

Thanks to Tanya my clever DGF (Dear Girl Friend) for coming up with the idea of using a frame for some photo inspiration.....

a close up....



  1. Funny photos Shazza and love the cluster of embellishments - it that a camera charm I see? LOL

  2. Fun layout - love the flowers. Great take on the challenge.