Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blog of the Month - February

Part of my "Connecting with Creativity" is to feature a monthly blog. A blog that I follow, that I really love and enjoy and am inspired by. In this way, it will promote their blog and also direct people to sites of "Crafty" people, (there are hundreds of us out there!). You can bookmark their site , follow their blog or even add them to your side bar OR just take a peek at their works of art in general.

So, this month's featured Blogger is..........


I met Gwen through Erika Martins journaling 101 course she is part of the design team. Gwen has the most amazing blog, and is a talented scrapbooker. She also has a wealth of travelling experience. She has been to many places such as China, Africa, Paris, Costa Rica and most recently Turkey. Her travelling post have the most amazing pics and great journaling detail.

Her scrapbooking is amazing, she has done 100's of pages. On her Jan 24th post you can see some beautiful felt flowers she made to add to her scrapbooking pages. She's honest when it comes to scrapbooking, she will tell you if she's not happy with a layout and has often pulled it apart and started again.... gotta luv that!

She has been blogging since June 2005, so there is lots to read and plenty of ideas and inspiration.

You should go meet this fantastic lady, you can get to her blog site from here. Believe me you want be disappointed.


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