Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bushfires in Victoria

The bushfires have been devastating in Victoria, we have lost whole communities. The death toll is currently at 181 there has been over 1000 homes destroyed. The fire are still burning so we are not out of danger yet. My heart goes out to everyone that have lost loved ones, property, livestock and pets. Here are some pics I will never forget.

The image below taken from Kinglake West just shows how close the fires actually came to Melbourne. Unfortunately I live somewhere in between :(

Below a Kinglake property explodes in flames

There have been amazing heroic stories of ordinary people saving others like Peter Thorneycroft, who saved twenty women and children trapped in the Kinglake National Park Hotel despite pain from an arm injury, he continued to douse the roof of the hotel from burning embers. He has been dubbed the "Angel on the roof".

A dear lady Gwen and her husband (an elderly couple) came into my work last Friday, and told me, how their two storey home had burnt to the ground (about 6 inches of rubble was all that was left). When she sifted through the rubble she found one china tea cup from a set she had hidden in her wardrobe to give to one of her grandchildren. She has kept the teacup as a memento of that horrible day. Gwen told me they had lost 21 neighbours in her street. It was just heart wrenching :(

God Bless

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