Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mans Best Friend

This is my layout for Erika Martins 101 journaling course for week #3, journaling 'Relationships'. I did my layout on the relationship between my son Jarred and his dog Flick.

This what the journaling says:

My son Jarred has a unique relationship with his dog 'Flick'. Flick is Jarred's best friend, they go everywhere together. She is the most well behaved, loyal, placid dog. Flick is a Kelpie, Border Collie cross. She was the only girl in a litter of eight, so her brothers had isolated her to the point that she would hide from everyone.
Jarred fell in love with her straight away when he first saw her. She bonded to him instantly and they have been inseperable ever since.

and here is a close up

Thanks for looking :)


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  1. Hi Mum, i really love your project on me and flick. There such cute photos of her. Keep up the good work. Jarred