Saturday, April 25, 2009

Attracting Butterflies

Welcome everyone to the new ARTastic Challenge Blog. I have had this idea floating about for ages and welcome you to share it with me as inspiration for some creative layouts. I have had a passion for the great artists since highschool fact here is my year 12 submission that I dragged out from under the bed (you didnt hear that from me LOL) that (as daggy as it is to some) it was inspired by an artist called Gustav Klimt. In fact I did a whole series in different medium and gave them as present so Mum and my sister both have masterpieces hanging on the walls LOL

So as a quick challenge for April I have dragged out the following works by the same artist as inspiration for your masterpiece!

You can use the colours, subject idea, or geometric patterns for your designs. In fact whatever inspires you from the great artist!! Each month a new artist will feature. Check the side bar for the current prize of the month. We are not currently sponsored by stores so its a little treat for your efforts from me :) by Allison Payne


Here is my take:

Hi Ally,

This is my take on Gustav Klimt's "Sea Urchins" called "Attracting Butterflies".

The colors he used for the sea urchins reminded me of colorful butterflies, so I went with this concept. I also added three elements which Gustav klimt was renowned for. The first is the love of cats, so I included a cat in the corner of the layout clawing at a butterfly flying past. The second was his fixation with "Red Heads", my lady has beautiful wavy red woolen hair.The third is his use of gold leaf in his painting, I have included four gold butterflys in my work.

I loved putting this together and enjoyed the artistic freedom to use any elements from "Sea urchins" in my work.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Cheers and regards

P.S Can you pick which celebraties eyes I used ?


and here are some close up:




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  1. love your layout... I'm thinking it's the girl from Private Practice... Kate Walsh (is that her name???) love the colours and the little cat is a cute addition