Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bunny Business

This is my entry in the April Cyber crop for the challenge Sew Good - Managed by Nat at Ready, Set, Scrap.

Let's Go Shopping In Nat's Cyber Crop Store......LOL

Sew Good – Managed By Nat

I would like to see you all scrap an item using a minimum of 3 DIFFERENT ITEMS you would only find in a SEWING ROOM (or your grandmother's house LOL).
These could be anything from sewing patterns, measuring tapes, pins/needles, bobbins, embroidery, machine stitching or even parts off an old machine, yeah pull apart an old machine if you have to you will be surprised how many cool parts are in there!
Your item must also include:
2 photos
paper tearing

Here is Nat's Example:


and heres my entry:

This was a great challenge. The sewing theme was perfect to fit with the pics of Jenna in her Bunny outfit. I used to sew all her Calisthenics costumes when she did Calisthenics for the Diamond Creek club. This is a photo from 1994. her group sang "Little Peter Rabbit, Hop to it and Cottontail".

The three different items from the sewing room used are:
1. A tape measure that I cut up and painted lightly (so you could still see the measurements) and made into a flower embelishment. Idea taken from the Kaiser workshop booklet Issue 11 page14.
2. An cover from an old smocking book by Semco and perfect for the paper tearing.
3. Stiff aida cloth that I used to matt the main photo.
I have included all elements: two photos, paper tearing, brads and I inked across the title with a flourish stamp.

Note: Hunting around through all my sewing junk, I came across a Playboy Bunny tie pin which I have also added to this page.


This is the cover from the Semco smocking book that I used in my layout, and some close ups!


Take Care

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  1. Hi Shazza,
    i am back in the land of blog again! Been realy busy with my mum here and couldn't really get any time on the computer. Love all your new pages! I am hoping to get some done this week. Spent most of the time with mum rearranging my craft stuff, then bought new shelves and had to rearrange all over again! but now it is all done I will have some time to craft although I am now having trouble finding things!
    Hope you are both well.
    Take care